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Men's Batman Armor Compression Leggings Grappling Spats


Are you ready to armor up and hit the gym like a superhero?

These Batman Armor Compression Leggings are guaranteed to get you into the hero spirit by channeling Bruce Wayne himself into your everyday life. You’ll love how you look and feel rocking these at the gym, on the field, out on the water - or wherever. The lightweight and anti-friction material makes them perfect for conquering all types of sports, whether you’re into cycling, lifting, surfing, etc. You’ll feel empowered and inspired to push through your hardest workouts and crush your toughest goals with these Batman Armor Compression Leggings.

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Style: 3D Printed Full-Length Compression Leggings

Material: Spandex, Polyester

Type: Print


  • Polyester and Spandex blend - Smooth and Ultra-Soft Fabric that provides extreme comfort with very little weight and without restriction - Machine Washable.

  • It wicks sweat away from the body to prevent chafing and rashes

  • Keeps the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain

  • Oh yeah, and it looks cool! Unleash your alter ego and transform yourself into the superhero you always wanted to be!